The Simplicity of God’s World Is Often Overlooked

As many are aware, the world is going through tremendous changes. It is a time of cleansing and a time of transformation. Some are waking up while others continue to slumber. The world is going through a rebirth and a new consciousness is developing on the planet. Despite appearances the way is being prepared for heaven on earth to manifest. The changes that are occurring on the planet do not constitute a rescue mission; in fact, the cavalry has already come and saved the day. This new consciousness will allow people to be much greater beings than they were before. It still remains up to the individuals here on the planet to create this new reality. We will have all the assistance that we need. The majority of humanity does not understand these changes, many are afraid, many are distracted by the dramas of the world, and then there are those who wish to participate with the changes taking place within our world. Those who wish to participate are to enjoy their creative abilities while making this heaven on earth.

Throughout the evolution of this planet land has been claimed by explorers, military battles, and by those willing to pay for it. Each time property changes ownership it creates a new foundation for a reality to be built. If you look at it from a conscious perspective it is like painting on a canvas. Each time a new foundation is created it is simply painted over the previous. We have painted over this earthly canvas for quite some time creating layers upon layers of foundations under our feet. We have created a virtual “mine field” on every part of the Earth’s surface where each owner lays down the ground rules for the inhabitants to follow. What seems to be a solid foundation can quickly turn against you if you do not follow the laws of the land. Throughout the ages people have been continuously tripped up because they either did not understand or did not agree with the ground they walked on. But are these so-called owners the real owners or do they just believe themselves to be? We live in a reality that changes according to our beliefs. So long as you believe this scenario to be true you are going along with this human experience but when you know better you start walking on a different foundation and create a different reality.


So whose world is it?

Despite all the foundations that have been painted on the surface of the planet the original canvas that has supported humanity from its creation still exist. It’s only been covered up because the creator allows his children to have free will. Individuals are allowed to create whatever they want and experiment how they wish. Since the fall of humanity we, the inhabitants, have made many mistakes. We have tried many ways only to learn that God’s ways are the ones that work the best.

The divine plan for this planet still exists and those who wish to develop this plan will be supported by a foundation that is unshakable. As the illusionary world around us begins to crumble there are those who are building a new reality, a reality that is unfolding God’s divine plan. We have only forgotten that this is God’s world and it has always been God’s world we just covered it up. When you learn how to stand and make a stand for what you know to be true you become a very useful being in creating this heaven on earth.


Don’t forget to ask.

Once you know whose world this is and that God created a divine plan from start to finish it becomes much simpler to get a part in this divine play. There is actually a part for everyone. However, some parts are more time sensitive than others. Quite simply, you get a part in God’s play when you ask for it. You are God’s child and when you are willing to help Him there is nothing in this universe that can prevent you from doing so. The only obstacles in your way are your own creations which are often buried deep within your being.

This asking is not an outer but and inner experience, one made with sincerity and commitment. Once you ask you may be tested to see if your sincerity and commitment is real. Many don’t realize they’re being tested and quickly go back to what is familiar to them. Those who are willing to grow and achieve their freedom will have an experience that very few would have thought even possible. Asking is showing respect. Knowing who you’re asking is what makes it possible.

Like any audition you have to prepare yourself for the part you wish to undertake. Just because you are asking doesn’t mean you’re going to get the part. To be of divine service requires a state of being that knows what it is serving. To serve the divinity within you requires its recognition and expansion. Most people are preoccupied with serving the outer dramas of the world and do not even know that there is a divinity within them. Letting go of the smaller identities within your being is a practice. Developing a new center requires a conscious effort and a knowing of who you truly are. You free yourself from this world by outgrowing it and not by trying to escape it.



Life provides the best answers.

No matter where you are or what you do on the planet once you make this commitment to be a part of God’s plan “Life” becomes your greatest teacher. Life meets you wherever you are and guides you to your goal. Your growth becomes the priority. It is up to you to look with new eyes and an open mind to discover what life is showing you. Life is an omnipresent intelligence that comes from Source and engages all of God’s children. It meets you wherever you are and relates to you in a way that you can understand. It is going to be unique to everyone. Life is always showing you the lessons you need for your own growth. You grow up by overcoming life’s lessons. It is a raising of your consciousness as you learn how to remove the obstacles that prevents life’s natural flows. After each lesson that is overcome there is less-on you to hold you down and your being becomes lighter and freer. The more you engage your life the greater your relationship with it will be. It is always pushing you to be more and to expand your conscious mind.

When we are born our consciousness is oriented in an outwardly fashion. In other words, you see the world as outside of you. This is by design. In this way we explore the world outside of us to discover its hidden treasures. Most people never develop their consciousness beyond this outward orientation. Imagine the childhood game “Hide and Seek” where one person closes his eyes and counts, giving the other children time to find a hiding place. Except this time all the children hiding are different aspects of you. We are now at a point in the planet’s evolution where this game is over. The only problem is that the children hiding still haven’t gotten the word. They have forgotten that they are supposed to come home. Each aspect is stuck in a part of mass consciousness waiting to be reconnected, accepted, and set free to become reincorporated into the grandeur of our being. Each aspect we recover is a great treasure that makes us a truly wealthy being.

Gathering these lost aspects of our self is a big part of our growth process. Simultaneously, a new center within your being is forming. It is a center of light that builds from each of life’s lessons. As we discover what life is showing us these various aspects are set free from mass consciousness and begin to make a turn. These fragmented parts of us begin to turn inward as we turn to this new center of light within ourselves. The inner becomes the priority rather than the dramas of the outer world. We recognize that our life, which is synonymous with light, is within and not out there at all. We literally train ourselves to turn into light.

In our perfect state we become a conduit for this life to flow, thus the symbology of the flute. Life flows through us like the air that flows through the flute. We can play our being how a musician would play a musical instrument. We decide what center we want to express and how we wish to create our world. It is our relationship with life that makes it all possible. Perfecting this life stream within your being takes time to develop. Don’t forget to the patient with yourself and take time to smell the flowers that come your way while you journey on your path.




How is life relating to you?

This life is happening all around us yet few are aware of what it truly has to offer. Most do not see it as intelligence or with any purpose at all. Most just see life as a random occurrence that we have no control over. The truth is far different for those who have eyes to see.

Life is commonly seen as something that is outside of us, but as we begin to grow and develop our consciousness we realize it only appears to be “out there.” Developing a new understanding of life takes time to develop. As this new perspective takes hold we realize that life is not out there at all but rather within our being. It is an actual energy, a consciousness, a living entity that exists within. It is something we find inside us, something we connect to, and something we form a relationship with. It flows like a river from the infinite Source within the center of the universe to connect every aspect of our being together.

When we are born our consciousness is directed in an outwardly fashion. This is by design. We are to explore the world and discover its mysteries. Once we find what we need our consciousness begins to journey back inward. We begin to see that what we are searching for is something we need within our being. This is one of the ways our beings grow on a conscious level. We find what we need and then embody it. As each aspect of our being makes its turn to an inward orientation only then can we truly begin to see our self. It is a natural process. It is how we develop true “insight.” Life is always guiding you home. It is up to us to look with new eyes each moment.


Knowing versus Believing

For far too long have we believed in our experiences when in reality we have been experiencing our beliefs. Rather than being the masters of beliefs we have become a slave to them. What is needed is a new mindset and a new way of thinking. When we are in our smallness it seems quite appropriate to buy into the reality around us. We can literally believe ourselves to be whatever we want. Over many lifetimes these beliefs have wrapped around our being like the cloth wrapped around a mummy. The beliefs act like filters on a conscious level that interpret our surroundings for us. They also prevent us from seeing what really “is” there.

We create these beliefs when we make an agreement and accept an understanding that is not of truth. These false understandings and misqualified energies associated with them, or karma, are stored within our being as belief systems until we release ourselves from them. Developing an understanding of our being that is more in line with the grandeur of who we truly are develops a knowing within our being. We begin to know who we are versus what we have believed ourselves to be.

Most people make their life choices based on their past experiences. As this understanding of who we truly are grows within our being we naturally shift our discernment from our past experiences to this knowingness within, we simply know better. Our life begins to move in a direction that has unlimited possibilities rather than repeating our past.


Live well in the water

As you keep cleaning your cup and replacing the waters you will begin to understand the value of maintaining wellness:

Blue waveThe energy within your cup is what is best suited for you. If you allow yourself to constantly get upset, you are spilling your waters in a wasteful manner.

Learn how to draw from your well because simply being you is empowering and refreshing. You do not become you by trying to be someone else. Envy and jealousies can be huge issues to overcome here. No longer will you be concerned about doing things the right way, or what you should or shouldn’t do, or even doing what is good. Learn how to do things well. That well is unique to you.

  • Free yourself from the dogmatic approach of mass consciousness.
  • Be honest with who you are.
  • Be in the moment.

If you do these things, you will be living well.


Headed in a different direction

I do not come from a religious background. Like many, I became disillusioned with this human experience as well as what the world had to offer.

Only through a relationship was someone able to penetrate past my armor and touch my heart. Until then, I had been following the momentum and influences of past generations within my family.

direction, confused, lostMy life was changed forever when I decided to head in a different direction. At the time I didn’t realize that my guides had been trying to get through to me for quite some time.

Initially, most of my understandings were learned from published material. I gravitated toward the Ascended Masters’ teachings which have since become more commonly accepted. Ascended Masters, as they like to be called, exist in higher realms above the physical and are great teachers here to help humanity. Each Master has a person in the physical reality who is able to channel their messages. Usually their energies are similar enough for information to flow from higher realms through the willing individual into the physical. This partnership is a valuable source of information to humanity.

Even though I had a mind full of information it wasn’t until I experienced these truths for myself that they become real inside of me. The path, the way, forestAt first I experienced these truths outwardly through life’s lessons. As my consciousness became more evolved I was able to have direct experiences with meditation.

How did you begin to question things and seek a new path? How has that journey evolved?


The Steps to Mastery

People unfold along the path to self-mastery in different ways. While the path is unique to each person, there are commonalities that everyone experiences. The way that works best for each of us is the way spirit works with our individual strengths. Having this basic insight into the process will accelerate your path, as well as help you see yourself within it. This list of steps is only an overview that could easily be further divided and expanded many more times. .  Numbers five and six below may alternate depending on if you are a feeling type or a mental type. Mental types generally establish self-control before they find their way; they are more interested in finding the truths (truth seekers) and correcting themselves.  Feeling types generally are more interested in emotional fulfillment and wellness before they tackle the mind.  Remember that being in the moment is part of every step.

1.  Desire – Specifically, the desire for perfection and the re-connection with the Creator.  All things begin with desire. Desires are magnetic in nature, and therefore attract to you all that you need.  Build it, integrate it, and when it is absent, ask for it. Beginning.

2.  Information – Get yourself in formation.  You are getting your vessel in shape, in a form that can contain you. Most of this book pertains to this level. Understanding, Conception.

3.  Self-Responsibility – Nothing is being done to you.  The outer world is serving your inner growth.  Everything that happens to you is for your growth. Respond to the inner and not the outer.  This is where your consciousness begins to turn from an outward orientation to an inner perspective. Stop blaming others, take responsibility for everything. Empowerment, Turning of Consciousness.

4.  Disillusionment – Make your world real and let go of illusionary realities.  The problem is not with false realities but our attachment to and our expectations of them. Realness, or Living Life Consciously, Knowingness.

5. Self-Control – Establish your truth and make it real within. Grow your truth as you experience your selves on each side of your belief systems. There can be quite a distance between your truth and the understandings that your various parts are stuck in. Accept every aspect of you as you steer your being back into love. Self-correction, Growth, Expansion and Pre-Pairing.

6. The Way – Specifically, finding your way by recognizing the flows and rhythms (the waves) within you. Cultivating the “doing” part of your being, or the way you do things. Wellness, Fulfillment, Uniqueness, Becoming.

7.  Healing Duality – Balancing the masculine and feminine energies, or healing dis-pair.  This is where dependencies are overcome and the internal marriages occur, or re-pairing.  A doorway is usually opened to the next level.  Following the marriage, there is a birth of a new child who transcends through the doorway in to the next level of consciousness and starts another cycle of growth.  Unity and Rebirth.

8. Integration – Steps one through seven are repeated as your consciousness expands into each new level. Only now, you act more as the observer to see, understand, teach, uplift, empower, and love yourself.  Integrity, follow-through.

9.  Harmony – Getting all the levels of your being to synchronize to one moment.  Peace, Oneness.

10.  Merging – As your I Am Presence and your identity become I Am that I Am. Enlightenment, Totality of Being.

11. Commanding – Using God’s Will. Divine Service, Honor, Creating.

12. Devotion – Perfecting your relationship with God. Loving and Living.